• Hotel Konstanz Ausblick Zimmer

Summer at Lake Constance

Summer means balmy evenings at the lake, ice cream, a dip into refreshing water, a stroll through the old town district of Konstanz, and just letting yourself relax.

  • Lake Beach in Horn

    Lake Beach in Horn

    The most popular lakeside beach in Konstanz Read More
  • Mainau Island

    Mainau Island

    The island of Mainau is known as a destination far beyond the Lake of Constance Region. However, the island known for its flowers has much more to offer... Read More
  • Dwelling Settlements Unteruhldingen

    Dwelling Settlements Unteruhldingen

    Immerse yourself in the Stone Age and Bronze Age and discover an almost forgotton world in this open-air museum Read More
  • Rhine Falls

    Rhine Falls

    Boat ride, climbing park, illumination, museum and more. The Rhine Falls offer an experience for the whole family! Read More
  • Meersburg


    The Meersburg is the oldest inhabitated castle in Germany and landmark of the region. Read More
  • Hops Farm No20

    Hops Farm No20

    The hops farm "Hopfengut No20" in Tettnang offers an insight into hops cultivation and brewery. Read More
  • Säntis


    Go up - and see six countries below you. Read More
  • Wildlife and Recreational Park Allensbach

    Wildlife and Recreational Park Allensbach

    Families with children will find a paradise of various leisure attractions. Read More
  • Boat Excursions

    Boat Excursions

    The ships and cruises on the Lake of Constance take you to mane beautiful locations all around the lake. Read More
  • Affenberg Salem

    Affenberg Salem

    A roundwalk takes you through the home range of more than 200 Barbary macaques. Roaming freely in a 20 ha forest, the monkeys live as they would in the Atlas mountains of Algeria and Morocco. Read More
  • Hohentwiel fortress ruins in Singen

    Hohentwiel fortress ruins in Singen

    The Hohentwiel, one of the largest fortress ruins in Germany with an area of ​​nine hectares, offers the most beautiful view in the country. Read More
  • Zeppelin Museum

    Zeppelin Museum

    The world's largest exhibition on the subject of air navigation can be seen in the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen. Read More
  • Napoleon Museum

    Napoleon Museum

    A tour of the castle and the parks will give you an insight into the life of young Napoleon III Read More
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