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Friedrich's Bar at Hotel 47°


NEWS! 'Friedrichs' won the Southern Germany's cocktail competition


... and the state (Baden-Württemberg) competition in 2019! Head Barkeeper Erim Türkmen triumphed twice with his “FRIEDRICH’S” cocktail. The basis for this drink: The finest spirits from the classic bar culture.

Cool drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. With Head Barkeeper Erim Türkmen. Learn from the pro and test the results right away.

€75.00 per person | minimum 6 persons

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+49 7531 12749-777

Cocktail courses with Erim Türkmen

Have a drink at Erim’s!

The bar: A meeting place and source of liquid delights. The recipe: A creative expert and fresh, and sometimes exotic ingredients. On offer: Selected classics, vintage cocktails, and current trends.


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Excerpt from our Bar menu:



Classics ...

Tequila Jose Cuervo Silver | Giffard Triple Sec | fresh lemon juice | glass rimmed with salt

8.70 €

Gin Fizz
Bombay Sapphire Gin | fresh lemon juice | Giffard sugar syrup | Soda

8.70 €

Canadian Club Whisky | Martini Rosso | Angostura

8.90 €

Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Jose Cuervo | fresh lemon juice | Giffard Grenadine | Orange juice

8.90 €



My Favourites ...

Moscow Mule
Absolut Wodka | Schweppes Ginger Beer | Lime slices

8.50 €

Hugo de Luxe
Fresh lime | fresh mint | St. Germain liqueur | Perrier Jouet Champagner

12.50 €

Absolut Wodka Citron | Cointreau | fresh lime juice | Cranberry nectar

8.90 €

Touch Down
Absolut Wodka | Bols Apricot Brandy | Lemon juice | Giffard Grenadine | Maracuja nectar

8.90 €



Cocktails that you simply have to try...

Friedrich's Sour
Friedrich's Gin | fresh lemon juice | homemade orange and lemon syrup

8.90 €

Bombay Crushed
Fresh kumquats | Bombay Sapphire | Brown Sugar | Rose's Lime Juice

9.00 €

Fresh Flavour
Batida de Coco | Apricot Brandy | Rose's Lime Juice | Giffard strawberry syrup | maracuja nectar

8.90 €

Espresso Martini
Absolut Wodka | Kahlua Likör | Giffard sugar syrup | Espresso

9.20 €



Non-alcoholic cocktails ...

frische lime | brown sugar | Schweppes Ginger Ale

6.50 €

fresh lime | Giffard strawberry syrup | maracuja nectar

6.50 €

Shirley Temple
fresh lemon juice | Giffard Grenadine | Giffard sugar syrup | Schweppes Ginger Beer

6.50 €

Green Card
fresh kumquats | fresh mint | Rose's Lime Juice | Schweppes Ginger Ale

6.80 €



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Want to get a little teaser? Video: Erims Liquid Kitchen.

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