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Cosmetic offerings


Beauty inside and out

Cosmetic treatments with products from BABOR, [comfort zone], and MAVALA. Traditional treatments and exceptional beauty techniques.

Afterwards, relax in the sauna area.





Overview of our treatments...

BABOR Classic Facial Treatment
This customized facial treatment includes cleansing, peeling, removal of impurities, eyebrow correction, active substance concentrate, massage, facial mask, final care and a daily make-up on demand.

90 min | 99.00 €

BABOR Professional, Individual Care
Our individual skin care treatments are luxurious and beneficial for every type of skin. Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing OR massage, peeling, special serum concentrate, masque, final care.

60 min | 75.00 €

DOCTOR BABOR Recontouring Treatement
Defines facial contours. Firms and redefines chin and neck areas; plumps and raises the cheek areas.

90 min | 129.00 €

DOCTOR BABOR Collagen Boost Infusion Treatment
For firmer, more youthful looking skin. The skin is intensively plumbed from within; facial contours are strengthened. Collagen production is activated, and the skin's connective tissue is supported. Your complexion is magically smoother and firmer.

90 min | 129.00 €

BABOR Reversive Treatment
Experience the REVERSE anti-aging skin care!
The high performance active ingredients restore your skin with its youthful luminosity and radiance. Your skin looks firmer and smoother, feels soft as silk and gloves, and your complexion is evened. Enjoy this exceptional treatment with an immediate glowing effect! Includes cleansing, blood circulation--enhancing masque, fruit acid peeling, concentrated treatment serum, massage, masque and final care.

90 min | 149.00 €



Other cosmetic treatments with products from [comfort zone] as well as manicures, pedicures, and make-up can be found on our SPA website.


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