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with a DIRECT view of the seerhein

daily 07:00 – 10:30 am

The Friedrichs breakfast is offered as a buffet.

Included are coffee, tea and our coffee specialties, orange and multivitamin juice, a selection of bread and rolls with sweet pieces, butter, various sweet and salty spreads, variations of sausage, cheese and smoked fish, Bircher muesli, yoghurt, quark and fruit and fruit salad, Anti pasti, smoothies, sweet dishes and freshly prepared egg dishes.

The continental breakfast is served with a coffee specialty, water or juice, a croissant, butter, jam or honey.

Frühstück 47° Friedrichs
  • Friedrichs breakfast 22.00 €

    For hotel guests (special rate by booking before arrival)

  • Friedrichs breakfast 26.00 €

    For hotel guests (regular breakfast rate)

  • Friedrichs breakfast extern 28.00 €

    For external guests

  • Continental breakfast 9.50 €

    For hotel guests

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Breakfast daily 7:00 – 10:30 am

Restaurant Friedrichs im Hotel 47°
Reichenaustr. 17
D – 78467 Konstanz

T +49 7531 12749 777

Wellness Impression Hotel 47° Konstanz