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We use high-quality products from BABOR, OPI and MAVALA for nourishing cosmetic treatments. Our treatments are individually tailored to your skin type. From classic facial treatments to special anti-ageing care, manicures, waxing and eyelash tinting.


This customized facial treatment includes cleansing, peeling, removal of impurities, eyebrow correction, active substance concentrate, massage, facial mask, and final care.

90 min | 125.00 € | book appointment online

Our individual skin care treatments are luxurious and beneficial for every type of skin. Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing OR massage, peeling, special serum concentrate, masque, final care.

60 min | 99.00 € | book appointment online

Improves skin firmness and stabilizes the skin barrier for smoother, healthier looking and more even skin. The treatment is tailored to your skin condition and include cleansing, circulation mask, fruit acid peeling, Babor PRO concentrate, special mask and final care.

60 min | 109.00 € | book appointment online

Smoothes and refines the skin structure for visible smooth and firm skin. Experience the treatment with visible instant effect. Cleaning, blood circulation mask, fruit acid peeling, Babor PRO concentrate, face massage, lift effect mask and final treatment.

90 min | 149.00 € | book appointment online

Enjoy long-lasting, more youthful and glowing skin!
The facial care treatment with HSR products produce immediately visible lifting effects. wrinkles are effectively smoothed, your skin becomes firmer and is generously hydrated. Activate your own body's regenerative power! The luxurious treatment will help your skin to retain its elasticity and protect it from negative environmental influences.

90 min | 145.00 € | book treatment online

Experience the REVERSE anti-aging skin care!
Rejuvenating anti age treatment against symptoms of hectic days and stress. Preventive treatment against skin ageing. Recommended to repair the skin to keep a juvenile, relaxed skin with tea extracts, oat and wheat proteins for a firm skin.

90 min | 125.00 € | book treatment online

Wellness Behandlungsraum

Manicure & Pedicure

Professional manicure including nail polish, intensive beauty and wellness program for your hands, with revitalizing hand bath, peeling, active substance concentrate and a relaxing massage.

Spa manicure                                                                                                    60 min | 79.00 €

Spa manicure  with nail polish                                                                          70 min | 85.00 €

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Professional pedicure including nail polish and wellness program for stressed feet with a foot bath, soothing peeling, active substance concentrate and a relaxing massage.

Spa pedicure                                                                                                60 min | 79.00 €

Spa pedicure with nail polish                                                                      75 min | 85.00 €

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half                                                                                                                   30 min | 39.00 €

whole                                                                                                                55 min | 59.00 €

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Armpits                                                                                                              20 min | 25.00 €

Chest, belly, back each                                                                                      30 min | 39.00 €

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