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Lake Dwelling Museum


Opened in 1922, the open-air archaeological museum displays reconstructions of pile dwellings from the Stone and Bronze Ages. The multimedia show “ARCHAEORAMA” is new. It shows what the “pile dwellings” World Heritage Site looks like under water. During the holiday periods, the Stone Age course is open for visitors to join in (see homepage for dates). The museum is accessible for disabled visitors.

In 2014, the Lake Dwelling Museum was recognised as a family-friendly leisure facility for the second time by the Baden-Württemberg Tourism Association. Sufficient bicycle parking spaces and lockers are available. Dogs are allowed in the museum. The free lido with children’s playground is located right next to the museum.

Our tip: Combine your visit with a trip to Meersburg or the Salem Monkey Mountain for a varied day trip.

Information & Tickets

Pfahlbauten Museum Unteruhldingen
Strandpromenade 6
88690 Uhldingen-Mühlhofen

+49 7556 92890-0

Wellness Impression Hotel 47° Konstanz